List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2004-09-01

    Boston Iranian Immigration Summit held by Congressman Meehan

    Boston Wednesday - September 1, 2004     06:00 PM

    Dear Friend,

    I am writing to cordially invite you to attend an immigration forum
    that I am hosting on September 1st, 2004. This conference will be held
    6:00PM-8:30PM at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, where we will
    discuss key immigration issues that are of concern to the Iranian
    community of Greater Boston.

    The program will include a panel of speakers who will address different
    aspects of the U. S. immigration process, specifically as it relates to
    Iranians and Iranian-Americans. Points of discussion will include FBI
    background checks, delays in the processing of immigration cases,
    deportation and removal proceedings, as well as issues surrounding the
    NSEERS special registration program. Scheduled panelists include Denis
    Riordan, the Boston District Director of the u. S. Citizenship and
    Immigration Services (formerly the INS), as well as a representative
    from the u. S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement office.

    Also speaking will be attorney Soroush R. Shehabi of the Iranian
    American Bar Association, and a former Senior Political Adviser for General
    Wesley K.Clark. In addition, I am pleased to welcome two prominent immigration
    attorneys to the panel, Dr. James Irani of New York City, and Dr. Banafsheh
    Akhlaghi of San Francisco; they all have worked extensively with the
    Iranian community. A question-and-answer session will follow the panel, and I
    would value your questions and input.

    I realize that this is a critical time to address these issues. It is my
    hope that this conference will provide an opportunity to gather as a
    community to discuss the most recent changes in our immigration system.

    Please contact my aide, Esperanza Watkins at 978-459-0101 or to RSVP, as it is required for this
    event. In addition, please do not hesitate to call Esperanza with any further
    questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you on September 1st.
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