List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2004-08-19

    Iranian Studies Group Women's Studies Group Initiation Meeting

    Boston Thursday - August 19, 2004     06:00 PM

    The Iranian Studies Group's plans in creating in Women's Studies Division. The session will be moderated by Dr. Assyeh Mir Aghaee, who will also be the project manager for the Women's Studies Division. Our goals is to form a research group that looks at the important issues facing Iranian women today. Assyeh would like to address the weaknesses of women’s movement, starting off with an outline of women’s role in social movement in Iran and proceeding to elaborate on different aspects of women’s movement in Iran. The rest of the meeting will consist of discussions on possible research issues that the group wants to engage in, and possible division of tasks.

    Meeting Abstract

    Iranian women’s collective action in politics has been marked by their strong presence in social movements in the last 150 years. Whatever movement they supported turned out to be a great success. Yet, they did not have share in the victory. They were “the worst off” after each movement. The question is why women endure these disadvantages in the formal politics in Iran during the last century. It calls for a comprehensive analysis of the reasons behind women’s setbacks in the Iranian politics. I would like to address this important question in our meeting and try to discuss how the inferior situation of women in this era could be changed.

    This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the improvement of women's situation in Iran. It will provide an opportunity for mutual learning, discussions and actual contributions to these issues. And I believe this is the first such effort outside of Iran. I hope you will find the time in your schedules for this.

    Here is the event information. It is important that we know how many people we should wait for, therefore I would like each of you to take the time and let me know of the following:
    1) Will you be coming to this event?
    2) If you are not coming, are you interested in joining the research group?
    E-mail: amostash@MIT.EDU

    Iranian Studies Group
    Research Meeting on Iranian Women's Studies

    DATE: August 19, 2004
    TIME: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Location: MIT Room 1-132
    77 Massachusetts Ave.
    Cambridge, MA

    Journey from the Land of No

    New Jersey Thursday - August 19, 2004     07:00 PM

    Journey from the Land of No by Roya Hakakian

    Thursday, August 19th at 7:00 PM Morristown, New Jersy
    Reading and Book Signing

    J & S
    8 Mount Kemble Ave.
    Morristown, NJ 07960

    Poetry Workshop

    Vancouver Thursday - August 19, 2004     07:45 PM

    But the emperor has nothing on at all. Cried a little child.
    Hans Christian Andersen

    In our next session we discuss about modernity and post-modernity in Persian poetry.

    Place: St. Catherine's Anglican church
    1058 Ridgewood Drive
    Edgemont Village,
    North Vancouver

    Date: Thursday Aug. [mory] 19 , 2004
    Time: 7: 45 ( gather 7: 45 , talk 8.00) To 9: 40 pm.
    Reception: Chai, Coffee & Shirini.
    Please sign-in at tea-break.
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