List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2004-07-12

    Women's Sexuality in the 21st Century Islamic Republic of Iran-Bristol

    Europe - UK Monday - July 12, 2004     02:30 PM

    Women's Sexuality in the 21st Century Islamic Republic of Iran

    The Islamic Studies Group @ the Department of Theology and Religious
    Studies has the pleasure of inviting you to a talk given by Ms. Narin
    Kashani independent researcher from Tehran, Iran.

    Monday, 12th July.

    Time: 14.30 - 15.30

    Place: Room G4, 3 Woodland Road, Department of Theology and Religious
    Studies, University of Bristol, Bristol.

    As an independent observer, Ms. Kashani has conducted research on young
    Iranian women's issues and concerns in the University. In her
    interviews, she has found that complaints centre around a clash between
    traditional and modern gender roles in University girls' lives. These clashes
    intensify when young women discover their sexual and emotional needs in
    a closely monitored Islamic setting of the university. In the absence
    of appropriate outlets, this could cost their lives or end in severe
    depression, an increasing trend among the young urban population.

    Narin Kashani was born in 1980 in Tehran where she obtained a Diploma
    in Mathematics. She received her BA with honours in English literature
    and Language from Tehran University in 2003. During her years in the
    university and afterwards, she was active in student organisations. She
    teaches English in elementary school and in Kheradpajouhan Language
    Institute. Narin has just become employed in Tehran Central Bank.
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