List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2004-05-14

    Dr. Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace prize winner at UCLA

    Los Angeles Friday - May 14, 2004     05:00 PM

    Nobel Laureate: Shirin Ebadi

    Date: 05/14/04 (Friday)
    Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    Description: Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
    Location: Royce Hall Theatre Area
    Category: Lecture
    Sponsor: Development & Academic
    More Info

    NU Movie night: Marmulak

    Boston Friday - May 14, 2004     06:30 PM

    NU-Persians "Movie Night"

    When: Friday, May 14th, 2004, 6:30 PM
    Where: Room 220, Behrakis Health Sciences Center(BK), Northeastern University
    For more information about this event, go to

    ISFAHAN: Imperial Persia’s Glittering Jewel

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - May 14, 2004     08:00 PM

    ISFAHAN: Imperial Persia’s Glittering Jewel

    May 14-15, 2004 At Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

    Friday, May 14, 8:00 - 10:00 pm
    Shah Abbas the Great made Isfahan his capital in 1598 and rebuilt the city with broad avenues, elaborate gardens, majestic bridges, a magnificent royal palace, and stunning mosques. Under this enlightened monarch, music, literature, and miniature painting flourished, and Isfahan became world-famous for the beauty of its carpets and textiles. On Friday evening, Hoover Institution Fellow Abbas Milani will speak about the role of the Safavids in world history, followed by a performance of classical and folk dances from the Isfahan region.

    The Biggest Scandinavian Party Date: Norway's Constitution Day

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - May 14, 2004     08:30 PM

    May 14: Alf and Alf is Putting on one of the BEST parties of the year:
    Norwegian Constitution Day Party
    ...Like No Other...

    These parties are going down in History
    At SUEDE , Friday May 14 (we are celebrating it a Tad Early)

    Ever been to these WILD parties before???.....

    well here is yurrr chance to Hang with some Wild Scandinavians and
    our international Friends - it is a great Mix of a crowd and sertainly NOT ONLY for
    Scandinavians: Come one, Come All.

    For those that can not see the image below: here is the text and a link for more
    When: Fri. May 14 (yes, a tad early since 17 of May is on a Mon. this year)
    VIP Reception with COMPLIMENTARY Champagne from 8:30 (everyone welcome)
    Where: SUEDE, One of the MOST HIP, and Elegant Night Clubs in SF
    located at 838 Bay St. @ Mason close to Fishermans Wharf
    What: Norwegian Constitution Day...duahhhhh
    Music: Two dance floor
    DJ Tony O in the Latin Explosion Room
    DJ Dean Samaras from NY, The Lime Light, Intl. music, House etc.
    Live, Roaming Saxophone player, Bib DEEP, Bob
    Cover: $10 for students and Aupairs, $15 for others
    ends at 2am!
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