List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2004-03-17

    What you have always wanted to know about (IRAN) but were afraid to ask

    Vancouver Wednesday - March 17, 2004     05:30 PM

    Persian Tapestry and the Liu Institute present:

    "What you have always wanted to know about (IRAN) but were afraid to ask!"

    An interactive multimedia evening on alternative images of Iranians:

    Date: March 17th, 2004 Time: 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Venue: The Liu Institute for Global Issues 6476 NW Marine Drive (UBC: Gate 4 across from the Anthropology Museum)

    Program Outline:
    * "An old civilization in the eyes' of a "FARANGI"! Maurice Copithorne (UBC Law Faculty,one of the the founding staff of the Canadian Embassy in Tehran and former Special UN epresentative on Human Rights)

    * "The Window to Iran Project" A group of Canadian media students who travel through Iran to document what they discover first-hand.

    "To my surprise they certainly had a much better understanding of our culture than I had of theirs." Erin Cumming

    * "Nations without States: Images from everyday life in Iran" Zohreh Bayatrizi (Ph.D. Candidate, UBC Department of Anthropology and Sociology)

    By focusing on everyday life of the ordinary people not likely seen in mass media, her slide show attempts to offer a de-politicized (or less politicized) image of Iranians.

    Presentation: Tribal People of the Middle East

    Bay Area - San Francisco Wednesday - March 17, 2004     07:00 PM

    When: Wednesday, March 17th at 7:00 P.M.
    Where: Z Space - 131 Tenth St. between Mission & Howard in San Francisco
    Info: 415.626.4061

    A slide presentation on the nomads of Iran and the Bedouin of the Arabian peninsula, presented by Brid Beeler, Director of Worlds Apart, an educational travel company specializing in the Middle East.

    Movie Trilogies @ The Persian Center

    Bay Area - East Bay Wednesday - March 17, 2004     07:00 PM

    Subject: Movie Trilogies @ The Persian Center Wednesdays @ 7pm 2029 Durant Ave in Berkeley

    ISAA & The Persian Center proudly present a mid-weekly escape from reality. Bring friends, eat popcorn, and explore vast worlds.

    Films from different countries and genres. Obscure shorts and puzzling facts. Obsessive filmmakers with an agenda. Tied together in bundles of three, each with its own theme...

    But You Speak Such Good English

    Bay Area - San Francisco Wednesday - March 17, 2004     07:10 PM

    Year: 1999 Running Time: 25 minutes Country: Iran/UK Cast: Omid Djalili
    Showtime: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 @ 7:10 pm
    Director: Marjan Safinia & Parisa Taghizadeh
    Description: "But You Speak Such Good English" is a documentary which explores different aspects of the first generation of Iranian immigrant experience from the insider’s perspective.
    The film focuses on the younger generation, who have very few memories of their country, and yet feel an undeniable pull towards identifying themselves as Iranians. The film is a fast paced and above all very entertaining look at the issues of ethnicity and separation told from the point of view of four dynamic and funny characters, including the stand-up comic, Omid Djalili, the star of the new Whoopi Goldberg Show.

    Screening With: Iran Is My Home

    Iran Is My home

    Bay Area - San Francisco Wednesday - March 17, 2004     07:10 PM

    Year: 2003 Running Time: 68 minutes Country: Iran Showtime: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 @ 7:10 pm Director: Fariborz David Diaan

    Description: Filmaker Fariborz David Diaan, an expatriate residing in Los Angeles, left his native Iran in 1976, unable to return due to the sudden and fierce changes that rocked Iran in 1979. However, motivated by a deep longing to visit his motherland, and due to the recent easing up of tensions, he finally deemed it safe enough to pay a visit. Ready for a culture shock, yet haunted by fading memories of his childhood, Diaan filmed his journey with an adoring eye, eager to capture every moment. He cautiously traversed the streets without a crew or equipment, armed only with a handheld camera small enough to hide from authorities, hoping that somehow he would be able to smuggle his tapes out of the country without them being confiscated. Through candid and unrehearsed interviews on the streets. Diaan delves into the hearts and minds of a humble people surrounded on the one hand by the remnants of mystical Persia, and on the enroachment realities of a modern world on the other. What strikes him most, however is the beauty and promise of a bright new generation of Iranian youth that is sure to demand the freedom and the happiness that citizens of every land deserve.

    Screening With: But You Speak Such Good English
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