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    First Annual 7rooz Boat Party: Rami's Idea

    7Rooz Sunday - January 2, 2000     01:00 AM


    Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Here's what I think:

    The first step is to get commitments from the people who we already know. We can either sign them up or sell tickets to them so we make sure they will come. If you tell your friends, Siamak tells his friends, I tell my friends and so on and so forth, we will have 40+ people right there. And that's a great start.

    The idea behind selling a cheap ticket ($10) is to get a commitment from the customer. When you sell something to the customer, the chances are higher they will attend. Even though 10 bucks and free doesn't make a lot of difference, but they psychologically
    feel more committed. Bottom line, the admission shouldn't be free. That's how people are.

    Let me list a few more items here:

    1. T-shirt: There will be a raffle and we will give away 10 7rooz t-shirts. 10% of ticket sale will cover the cost.

    2. Drink: I would much rather they handle the drinks. The higher the quality of service is in the boat, the cleaner and the more professional we look. This is of course subject to their commitment to give the boat to us for free (or very cheap) and earn their money by selling the drinks.

    3. Time/Duration: How long do you think they party will be?

    4. Parking: How was the parking situation you experienced last weekend?

    Overall, I think it's a fantastic idea. Let's start by making a list and see how many people will be able to come. Start with our little lists that we usually send e-mail to. People will forward it to their friends.

    Farnaz, our VP Finance, will be our treasurer and will keep track of funds, revenues and tickets. Siamak and Azadeh will be our main public relations guys to attract people and sell the tickets to them. Angela, Ramin, Shidrokh, Babak, Ramin F. and Philip will talk to their friends and direct them to you or our main sales team for the tickets.

    Let me know what you think about it. Give me feedback and let me know if this plan sounds good to you so I can forward it to the rest of the team.



    --- Rami Ghavamzadeh wrote:
    > Big boss,
    > I can wait till hearing your ideas about the date,
    > the size of the ship,Tshirt, drink commission
    > approach and other organization matters with first
    > annual boat party of 7ROOZ. give me the leads so
    > that i can go ahead with renting the boat, the
    > flayer design and printing and ..................
    > Later bro,
    > R

    First 7ROOZ Annual Boat Party - First Meeting Minutes

    7Rooz Sunday - January 2, 2000     02:00 AM

    Subject: First 7ROOZ Annual Boat Party

    Location: Rami’s

    Meeting held on April 23, 2004, started 9 o’clock with:

    Ahamad Anvari
    Siamak Hodjat
    Rami Ghavamzadeh

    People joined to the meeting later on:


    To do list:

    Pricing on the boat
    Possibility on getting commission on alcohol

    Recommended DJs:

    a. Joubin
    b. Dr. T
    c. Berkley DJ


    The date of the party is fixed for June 5, 2004
    Taking picture during the party and selling them after the party
    Selling out the first, 200, tickets for a lower and jacking up the price for the rest of the tickets
    Discount for ladies. Extra discount for ladies who are also students.
    T-shirt will be raffled off

    Recommended ticket price:

    Angela: 20
    Azadeh: 30
    Philip: 40
    Ramin: 20
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