List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2000-01-01

    Meeting #1

    7Rooz Saturday - January 1, 2000     12:00 AM

    Bay Area Persian Events
    Att: Ramin, Ahmad
    12:48AM - 8 Nov 2003 - Ramin's place

    1. Domain name?
    2. Business model?
    a) ads: restaurants, events
    b) Iranian yellow pages (side? new business)
    c) paid special events -> bold, bigger -> Googoosh in Concert @ saghi

    1. E-mail this to a friend
    2. When, where, what for every day
    3. Weekly, monthly, daily views
    4. Private parties? [password protected]
    5. Open submissions -> free to everyone, needs approval
    6. Open Mailing list to everyone

    Meeting #2

    7Rooz Saturday - January 1, 2000     12:01 AM

    Meeting #2:

    Place: Siamak's Nov 9, 2003 - 9:27
    Att: Angela, Azadeh, Shidrokh, Philip, Ramin, Rami, Siamak, Ahmad


    1. Add to Yahoo! Calendar (Philip)
    2. Add to Outlook [look at evite] (Angela)
    3. Business Model:
    a) sell t-shirt (Ramin)
    b) ads (Ahmad)

    Domain name:

    Memo from Ahmad regarding Domain Name

    7Rooz Saturday - January 1, 2000     12:03 AM


    Thanks for your suggestions! I added some of the
    futures that you suggested to the system last night:

    1. E-mail event to a friend
    2. Weekly, monthly, daily, views
    3. Newsletter subscription feature

    Things to work on:

    1. Add to Yahoo!/outlook calendar [tnx, Philip]
    2. Open submissions + approval system
    3. Standard format/template to be used by moderators


    I picked a few domain names that I liked from the big
    list of domain names. Current address is: [problem: is taken] [confusing...] [dot org]

    Please let me know which one of the above domain names
    makes more sence to you. Choose your top 3 domain
    names and send them to me by tonight please.



    Complete List of Domain Names

    7Rooz Saturday - January 1, 2000     12:03 AM and and weeks and weeks and .org

    Siamak Suggests

    Saturday - January 1, 2000     12:04 AM


    I don't know if this has been brought up before or not, but how about having
    a bay area iranian's yellow pages with a list of all the Iranian
    restaurants, bakeries and other Iranian stuff. People can also give their
    feedbacks on the food and service. Going to a chelo kababi is always one of
    the events I am looking forward to every week!

    It would be good to have a list of Iranian-owned professions in the bay area
    as well so you can easily find an Iranian lawyer or an Iranian owned firm.
    Maybe even help Iranians find Iranian employers, employees or investors?
    Kind of like what silicon Iran is doing? Maybe make Ramin Farjad a partner?
    There should be some money in that...

    And (as I said before) maybe even help Iranian students find a school in bay
    area. Which schools have the most Iranian students and professors? How
    should they apply? The cost and etc.

    I also think we should make sure that the web site is very well organized.
    It's kind of inconvenient to go through a long email from farshid ketabchi
    and figure out if there are any movies playing... so there should be a
    "what's playing (movies)" section, a separate "parties" section,
    "advertisement" section and "other events".

    Also maybe later we can have a feature where Iranians could find their
    Iranian buddies in the bay area... And remember I will only make this my
    home page if it has today's news on it (and links to newspapers)! Now all
    this kind of reminds me of other websites (such as payvand)! Still I think
    it would be cool to have one reference for whatever Iranians in bay area

    There should also be a link so anybody could directly donate money to help
    me pay my house mortgage.



    take a look at it has everything (including events per country) and you can add your own event... I guess the biggest problem with that is that it is not always updated. I don't like how things are organized there either. is born

    7Rooz Saturday - January 1, 2000     12:04 AM

    And the winner is:

    Point your browser to

    Please compare the logo that is on the site with the
    one that is attached to this e-mail. Which one looks
    better to you?

    I really appreciate everyone's help and feedback. The
    meetings/brainstorms that we had and your individual
    e-mails, ideas, suggestions, comments are the greatest
    motivation one can provide.




    Siamak: 7rooz
    Philip: 7shab chekonim inhafteh
    Ramin: 1. 2. 3.

    Bahar: 1. 7rooz 2. persian-events 3. persianweek
    abtin: 7rooz, peersian events,
    kamyar: 7rooz is better than chekonim []
    alireza: 7rooz 1001shab persian-events

    As a non-persian speaking...
    which domain name sounds better to you: or
    Tekno: 7rooz one..

    Logo Contest

    7Rooz Saturday - January 1, 2000     12:05 AM

    Design 1: 7rooz1.gif

    Design 3: 7rooz3.gif

    Design 4: 7rooz4.gif

    Design 5: 7rooz5.gif

    A Moderator's Guide to Using Your Account

    7Rooz Saturday - January 1, 2000     12:06 PM

    A Moderator's Guide to Using Your Account

    - Open:
    - Use the username and password provided for you to login.
    - Click on "Edit Your Profile" link from the first page.
    - Change your "Nickname" if you want.
    - Make sure to change your password after your first login.
    - Enter your birth place for password recovery and higher security.
    - Hit "Save" and start updating 7rooz! :-)

    A Moderator's Guide to Posting Events

    7Rooz Saturday - January 1, 2000     12:07 PM

    A Moderator's Guide to Posting Events

    1. First of all, make sure that the event you're trying to enter has not already been added to the system by someone else.

    2. Open

    3. Login to the system using your username and password. [Note: Your username is usually 7rooz-yourname]

    4. Click the "New Entry" under the "Persian Events" box.

    5. Fill out the information:
      = Title: Title of the event
      = Category: Location (or multiple locations) of the event
      Note (example): If the event is both in "Bay Area - South Bay" and "Bay Area - Peninsula", simply choose "Bay Area" option, if available.
      = Entry body: Most important lines of the event (Date, Time, Location, Contact Info, Summary, etc.)
      = Extended body: Any other information related to event

    6. You won't need to change anything else, just hit "Save"

    7. Wait for a few minutes till the system builds the data.

    8. IMPORTANT... IMPORTANT...: On the next page, scroll down and type the exact time and date of the event. This is a very important step to keep the site organized. For example, for an event taking place at 7:00PM of January 24th 2004, type: 2004-01-24 19:00:00

    9. Hit "Save" again. You're almost done!

    10. Open in a new window and make sure that the event you just entered is correctly placed and viewed on the site. Pay particular attention to the date and time of the event on the calendar.

    11. If you want to add an image from the web, please use this method (replace image URL with yours):
      <img src="{}" align="right" />

    12. Go back to the administration window and hit "Logout" from the top menu.

    13. Thanks for your contribution! :-)
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