List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2012-09-23

    Salar Aghili & Hamnavazan Ensemble in Concert

    Atlanta Sunday - September 23, 2012     07:30 PM

    A Prominent vocalist among the young generation of Iranian traditional musicians, Salar Aghili is known as an instrumental figure to pass on the values of Persian music from masters such as Mohammad Reza Shajarian to the next generation. Born in 1977, he started learning music as a child. He learned playing several musical instruments including tar (lute), setar, santour (dulcimer) , tombak (drums) and piano. Passionate about singing and encouraged by music masters he chose singing as the way of expressing himself. His vocal passion, silky voice and his tendency toward genuine music and great musicians and influence of Sufism in his work soon opened his way in the hearts of music lovers.
    Accompanied by Salar Aghili are:
    Saeed Farajpoori: Composer and Kamancheh Virtuoso
    Hossein Behroozinia: Master of Barbat (Oud)
    Harir Shariatzadeh: a Master Piano and Daf Player
    Behnam Masoomi: a Masterful Percussionist on Tombak

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