Children & Youth In the Heart of Conflict

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Jewish Community Center
3200 California St.
San Francisco, California
Phone: 202-777-2202
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One of the most emotionally moving parts of Search for Common Ground's work is with children and youth. On one hand, young people are often the indirect and direct victims of violent conflict - left as orphans, denied education and of food and shelter. Even more disturbing, children and youth are often used as weapons of war as child soldiers and sex slaves. There are an estimated 300,000 child soldiers today.

This presentation will tell about another side of the story: how children and youth are playing powerful and inspiring roles in transforming deadly conflict. This is where Search for Common Ground is making a difference. SFCG works with young people in 16 countries. Recognized as an international leader, SFCG helps young people step forward to transform their communities and countries.

Felix Unogwu, our guest speaker, lived through the hardships of violent conflict only to rise as a youth leader and bridgebuilder. Born in Nigeria, Felix is SFCG’s Child and Youth Specialist. His story is one of hope and transformation, enabling him to work side-by-side with youth from a place of deep understanding. Felix holds a Master’s degree in political science from Vaxjo University in Sweden. He is also a proud father and encourages his own son to have a voice at home.

Posted by Felix Unogwu.
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