List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2009-04-18

    Iranian-American Roundtable

    Los Angeles Saturday - April 18, 2009     10:00 AM

    Los Angeles
    April 18, Saturday- Roundtable-reading, interview, dialogue and discussionwwith Iranian-American writers
    startig at 10:00 AM-5:30 PM (breaks in between)

    Persian Poets, Western Minds: A Day of Poetry, Philosophy, and Music

    Bay Area - Peninsula Saturday - April 18, 2009     01:58 PM

    For almost three thousand years, the West has had a long and complicated relationship with the land that is called Iran today and was once the great Persian Empire. Some of the earliest canonical texts of the West, from the Bible and Herodotus to Aristotle and St. Augustine, bear full testimony to the profound interest in Iran among early Western thinkers. A no less impressive list of 19th-century Western writers, philosophers, and poets—from Emerson and Goethe to Nietzsche and Melville—were avid readers of Persian poets such as Sa’di, Hafez, Attar, and Ferdowsi.

    Distinguished scholars and artists from around the country will come to Stanford on April 18, for a day-long conference and celebration of this rich history of mutual curiosity and cross-fertilization between Western minds and Persian poets. Participants include Katharina Mommsen (Stanford), Amin Banani (UCLA), Frank Lewis (Chicago), Richard Davis (Ohio State), and Mir Shafiq Shamel (Stanford).

    The day also will feature a performance by the celebrated Lian Ensemble from Los Angeles, one of the most popular ensembles performing contemporary versions of classical Persian music.

    EVT 229
    Saturday, April 18
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    $60 (lunch and refreshments are included)

    Event fee is non-refundable. The exact location of the event will be emailed to you upon registration.

    Persian Poetry & Music Night

    Australia Saturday - April 18, 2009     06:30 PM

    Join us and give warmth to the Persian Social Gathering and enjoy the Persian Poetry & Music. Tea, Coffee and Refreshments Provided.
    Entry Donation: $ 10.00
    Members: $5.00, Children Under 15 Yrs: Free

    Live Persian Flamenco Music "FAZZ" @ Enrico's

    Bay Area - San Francisco Saturday - April 18, 2009     07:45 PM

    Farzad Arjmand and his band "FAZZ" will perform songs from Farhad, Fereydoon Forooghi, Shahriar Ghambari, Koorosh Yaghmaie and other artists of same style. two flamenco guitarist, piano, cello, precussions and flamenco dancers........NO COVER.......DJ music will follow the live performance.
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