List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2008-12-07

    Mr. Masoud Mahdavipour at Stanford University.

    Bay Area - Peninsula Sunday - December 7, 2008     11:00 AM

    Mr. Masoud Mahdavipour is visiting from Iran and will be in the area for a limited time. He will present an overview of his teachings in an introductory session on Sunday Dec. 7th, 11am -1pm at Stanford University. This is a free session for the public. Please invite your interested friends and let us know how many people will attend. Please see attached for more details.

    Sunday Dec. 7th ,11am-1pm
    CLARK CENTER @ Stanford
    318 Campus Drive
    Stanford, 94305
    Room S360

    In 1975, after returning from India, Masoud Mahdavipour started teaching yoga at the Melli University in Tehran. 1978 he established the first yoga center in Tehran, Kanoon Yoga and published the first book of yoga in Farsi.
    By Masoud's twenty three years of contributions yoga has become legalized since 1999 and is now official to the government entities in Iran. His second book, Practical Lessons in Yoga, which is a bestseller is used as the reference book. In 1999 after having trained thousands of students and hundreds of yoga instructors he developed transformative courses leading to a balanced living.
    Classes held at Kanoon Yoga centers consist of a) physical Hatha Yoga practices and b) transformative courses and workshops.
    The transformative courses are:

    1. Here and Now
    2. Non-attachment (Aparigraha)
    3. Non-violence (Ahimsa)
    4. Speeding Goal Accomplishment (Tapas)
    5. Yogic Diet (Satvic Diet)
    6. Mindfulness
    7. Shakti Pranayama

    For more information please call 408-568-0228.

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    A Talk by Deljou Abadi

    Bay Area - San Francisco Sunday - December 7, 2008     04:00 PM

    “Berkeley Lecture Series” Presents:

    A Talk by Deljou Abadi

    The Qisas laws of Iran in action

    Shahla Jahed’s false murder criminal proceedings, a case study


    Screening of documentary film, Red Card, directed by Mahnaz Afzali, (Persian with English subtitles)

    Deljou Abadi is the founder and director of the US based Iranian Refugees’ Alliance, Inc. In addition to researching and authoring reports and articles on the conditions of Iranian refugees, she has done legal refugee casework for numerous individuals before national tribunals and represented many before the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees and the European Court of Human Rights. Since 1995, she has also maintained a Documentation Center (IRADC) on human rights conditions in Iran.

    The present talk summarizes a 47-page case study on Ms. Jahed’s false capital murder conviction prepared in January 2008 for submission to relevant United Nation groups. The study will be published in 2009/10 as part of the efforts of IRADC’s Project on Extra-Legal Executions in Iran to collect and analyze data on capital crimes, judicial proceedings of capital crimes, and judicial executions in Iran that violate binding international legal standards on capital punishment.

    Date: Sunday, December 7, 2008
    Time: 4:00 P.M.
    Place: 110 Barrows Hall

    University of California, Berkeley

    http://www.berkeley .edu/map/ maps/large_ map.html

    Lecture in Persian

    Suggested Donation: $10.00

    No donation expected from students

    Further questions may be directed to: berkeleylectures@


    The Red Card (Carte Qermez)

    Director: Mahnaz Afzali
    Photography: Mohammadreza Derakhshan, Khadijeh Jahed, Mahnaz Afzali
    Editor: Bahman Kiarostami
    Music: Selected from Iman Vaziri
    Sound Designer and Mix: Keivan Jahanshahi
    Assistant Director: Aida Pourshirazi, Sara Irani, Adham Lavasani
    Producer: Hassan Pourshirazi
    Video, Color, 74 min, 2006-2007

    A night of Poetry, Dance and Music, a celebration of Yalda

    Bay Area - Peninsula Sunday - December 7, 2008     05:00 PM

    A night of Poetry, Dance and Music, a celebration of Yalda

    An opportunity to educate our younger generation

    Featuring Gloria Rohani, Siamak Pouian and Mohammad Nejad

    The evening embodies breathtaking performances,


    Nejad World Music Orchestras- four generations of musicians,

    Alborz Academy,

    Bay area Dance Artists


    A magical ambiance celebrating the tradition of Shabe-Chele or Yalda

    Sunday Dec 7th, 2008 5:00 P.M.

    Santa Clara Convention Center

    5001 Great America Pkwy

    Santa Clara, CA 95054

    Tickets are available at or email

    For more information please call (408)230-2994 or (408)559-7864

    $35 General admission,

    $30 Children

    $75 VIP Reserved seating (Tax Deductible)

    PSA Classic Persian Movie Series

    Bay Area - Peninsula Sunday - December 7, 2008     06:30 PM

    Another month, another movie of the PSA Classic Persian Movie Series. For the month of December, we will be showing Bahram Beizaei's first full-length movie: The Downpour (رگبار).
    When : Sunday December 7, 6:30 pmWhere: Bechtel International Center, Dining Room (Map)

    More info about the movie:
    Title: RagbârDirector: Bahram BeizaeiRunning time: 120 minProduction year: 1971Language: Persian with English subtitlesCast: Parviz Fannizadeh* , Parvaneh Masoumi, Mohammad Ali KeshavarzPlot: Mr. Hekmati, an educated and humble teacher moves to a new neighborhood. People gossip that he has fallen in love with one of the students' sister. He denies and in an effort to prove himself innocent he meets the girl and indeed he does fall in love with the hardworking underprivileged Atefeh, young woman that nurses her very old mother and raises her young brother. In an environment where commitments and social problems often stand in the way between people and their dreams, Mr. Hekmati and Atefeh struggle to keep their love alive but ...
    * Parviz Fannizadeh is best remembered for his role as Mash Ghâsem in "My Dear Uncle Napoleon".
    Refreshments will be served. The movie starts sharp at 6:45pm; however, please feel free to come early to socialize and catch up with old friends.
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