List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2008-11-05

    2 Days Only: LA Theatrical Release of Acclaimed Documentary TEHRAN ANAR NADARD!

    Los Angeles Wednesday - November 5, 2008     07:00 PM

    TEHRAN HAS NO MORE POMEGRANATES (Tehran Anar Nadarad) is a post-modern feature documentary that uses style and sarcasm to capture the chaotic and paradoxical soul of the Iranian mega-city.

    Director Massoud Bakhshi and crew are on a mission to make a film about their hometown, Tehran, but have hit a wall and must explain to their overseers at the Documentary Film Center why their project cannot be completed. They decide to investigate the city’s past in order to better understand the present. What follows is a sarcastic and comic narrative about Tehran’s transformation from a small village into a megapolis of increasing urban mess, pollution, inadequate housing, class gaps and the fatal destiny of its delicious pomegranates. Using an energetic mix of rare archival footage from the past 150 years, unconventional photography, mock interviews and a playful soundtrack, the aesthetic and cultural values of old and new Tehran are brought to life. In the process, director and crew embark on a self-discovery, realizing that while they belong to a drastically transformed Tehran, being a Tehrani is a timeless state of mind.

    Official Selection HOTDOCS, IDFA, Full Frame, Rotterdam Film Festivals

    Written and Directed by Massoud Bakhshi; Narrated by Nosrat Karimi; Music my Mohsen Namjoo

    "An imaginative and engaging history of Tehran that uses a petulant barbed humor to deliver a steady stream of irony about this drastically transformed society" -Variety

    7 and 9 pm (two screenings per night)

    Also Nov. 6th 7pm & 9pm

    Call (310) 281-8233 for showtimes and buy tickets up to two weeks in advance


    Bay Area - San Francisco Wednesday - November 5, 2008     07:00 PM


    WHAT: Pease Not Prejudice Pre-Event, Resounding Faith

    WHERE: 60 Evans

    WHEN: Wednesday, November 5th at 7:00PM

    ISAA is proud to co-sponsor the Peace Not Prejudice events! The pre-event will be about Inner Struggle in the three Semitic religions, including themes such as where different religions turn to for faith, how faith is viewed, contemporary struggles of each religion, and what the future holds.

    Hosted by the Coalition for Peace Not Prejudice

    Iranian-American Journalist Jason Rezaian Speaks at a Film Screening of "A World Between"

    Bay Area - Peninsula Wednesday - November 5, 2008     07:30 PM

    Iranian-American Journalist Jason Rezaian Speaks at a Film Screening of "A World Between"
    Wednesday, November 5 @ 07:30 PM - - 10:00PM

    "A World Between" is the true story of a young Iranian American raised in the United States, who travels to Iran to discover his father's homeland. Not burdened by the typical stereotypes held by Americans about Iran, he discovers a land in many ways different than expected, but one that has much more in common with us than one would think.

    His encounters take him across the country, from the teeming capital of Tehran, to the center of Ancient Persia in Esfahan, and finally to the home of his ancestors Iran's holiest city, Mashhad. In each place we meet his friends and relatives who help form a more representative view of Iranians than we often see in the West.

    Writer/Narrator/Executive Producer, Jason Rezaian, is an Iranian American journalist whose work has appeared in numerous publications. He makes frequent trips to Iran, and has made a variety of reports for the San Francisco Chronicle across different media, blending articles, blogs, video reports and podcasts to offer a rounder picture of news from Iran. Film's Website:

    Student Association for Middle Eastern Studies at SJSU (SAMES @SJSU)

    Election viewing with ISAA!

    Bay Area - San Francisco Wednesday - November 5, 2008     09:33 PM

    Hope you all had a great Halloween!

    Ready for some fun with ISAA??


    WHAT: Election viewing with ISAA!

    WHEN: Tuesday November 4th, 8:00PM

    WHERE: The Persian Center!

    2029 Durant Avenue

    Berkeley, CA 94704

    Come watch the election results with your fellow ISAA members, eat some food, and socialize! We will be providing PIZZA! There will also be fun board games, card games, music, tea, sodas, and lots and lots of fun as we anxiously wait to see who will be our next president!

    If you're interested please let us know ASAP so we know how much pizza to order! (

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