List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2007-10-12

    Film: Red Robin --- Mill Valley Film Festival

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - October 12, 2007     04:30 PM

    Red Robin takes place against the backdrop of a beautiful hillside area. While a group of adults watch a bullfight, some local children play games, chasing young Aliyar through the fields with a scarecrow. But when Aliyar tries to get his own back on his best friend, Gholam Hossein, tragedy occurs, and Aliyar fears that he has been the cause of Gholam Hossein's death. A Muslim, Aliyar has noticed that members of the Christian church nearby believe in resurrection; moreover, the priest has recently acquired a new cross for his church, hoping this will make it the most beautiful in the area. So Aliyar resolves to search for someone who has the breath of Christ in order to resurrect his friend. Director-writer Sheikhtadi's mystical tale about faith and the interconnectedness of all people is told with a gentle power that recalls Majid Majidi's Color of Paradise and Children of Heaven. North American Premiere

    Presented in association with

    Director: Parviz Sheikhtadi
    Producer: Majid Esmaeili
    Screenwriter: Parviz Sheikhtadi
    Cinematographer: Sirus Abdoli
    Editor: Shahrzade Pouya
    Cast: M. R. Davoodnejad, Reza Safaipour, Yousef Maradian

    DAVID & LAYLA film- TULSA / OKLAHOMA US Public Release

    Friday - October 12, 2007     07:00 PM

    Exact daily showtimes & Trailer at: .

    At Circle Cinema. Film premiers on this date with several daily screenings. It shall continue to play for a week or more, as long as Iranians and American friends go to see it, especially during first weekend.

    Inspired by a true story.

    +++ "An earnest, frequently funny comedy. Persian Shiva Rose (Layla) excels as a self-reliant damsel in distress worth rooting for." - VARIETY.

    +++ "A bold, politically relevant film against impossible odds." - Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Laureate, London-based playwright & screenwriter.

    +++ "A superior variation on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, with unexpected insights." - Independent Film Critic.

    +++ "It's hard not to be infected by the good humor and sheer joie de vivre of David & Layla." -LA Weekly

    +++ "Take the star-crossed romance of Romeo & Juliet, add some graphic sexual humor a la The 40-Year-Old Virgin and toss into the crucible of Middle East politics, and you get David & Layla, a frothy romantic comedy. David & Layla is suffused with the warmth and passion of filmmaker Jay Jonroy Every scene Callie Thorne is in crackles with unhinged hilarity." - Washington Post.

    +++ "This indie New York comedy ultimately seduces us with a steady assault of goodwill, bad jokes, goofy charm and buoyant music into buying a love affair between Brooklyn Jew and a Kurdish Muslim. It becomes contagious." - Washington Jewish Week

    +++ "My big, fat, Jewish-Muslim wedding." - The Jerusalem Post

    +++ "David & Layla manages to be both randy and chaste. An offbeat cross-cultural romance with a positive message." - The Los Angeles Times. +++ "Course of Love Runs Smooth in Film about Muslim-Jewish relations." - VOA Press Conference USA.

    U.S. cinemas & Trailer at official movie site:


    Book Reading/Signing by Novelist Gina B. Nahai

    New York Friday - October 12, 2007     07:30 PM

    Best-selling Iranian author Gina B. Nahai reads from her fourth novel, "Caspian Rain", at the Greenwich Village Barnes & Noble in New York, NY, on Friday Oct. 12 at 7:30 p.m. 396 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY.

    Bone Lines by Ben Levy/LEVYdance

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - October 12, 2007     08:00 PM

    Named by Dance Magazine one of "The Top 25 to Watch," LEVYdance will present an invigorating evening of original works. The program will include the world premiere of Bone lines, an exploration of Director, Benjamin Levy’s Persian Jewish heritage. The piece features an original score composed by Keeril Makan and recorded by the Kronos Quartet, costumes by French couture designer Colleen Quen and a set by industrial designer Rick Lee.

    Fri, Oct 12

    8:00 PM

    $18.00 Member

    $20.00 Public

    $15.00 Student

    For tickets call 415-292-1233 or online at>

    Laila @ Ruby Skye | The Biggest Mediterranean Style Club Party in the States...

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - October 12, 2007     09:00 PM

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