List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2006-01-11

    DAVID & LAYLA at Vermont Human Rights Film Festival

    Boston Wednesday - January 11, 2006     08:00 PM

    5 Days of Human Rights films in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday at::

    David & Layla shall be screened three times - including the Opening and Closing nights. International program includes Sundance 2005 Grand Jury Prize "Why We Fight", "Iran, Veiled Appearances", etc.

    David & Layla screenings at:

    A New York independent film inspired by a true story Star-crossed lovers David & Layla: Romeo & Juliet in New York with a twist - spice, comedy & politics...via Iraq, Kurdistan & Israel!

    “A brave & fabulous political comedy about the sparks that fly when a Jew and a Muslim fall in love in New York!"

    DAVID & LAYLA is a film about an impossible romance that gets at the heart of the hypocritical stereotypes and illusions we all have about differing cultures and religions. David (David Moscow), a young Jewish man finds Layla (Shiva Rose McDermott), a beautiful Muslim immigrant, and can’t get her off his mind. But her Kurdish culture doesn’t mix with his Upper East Side origins, and both lovers can’t help but mislead their families about one another as they try to begin their affair. A true comedy of errors ensues from temple to mosque, from perversion to conversion, and all the while their passions increase regardless of their unlikely attraction.

    Films of Conflict & Resolution are unique in their multi-faceted portrayals of conflict around the world. This film was made against industry odds, but with the belief that once viewed by audiences, it would resonate with a potent message. The film utilizes the power of cinema to increase awareness and understanding of the human realities of war and conflict. The writer/director Jay Jonroy in the face of intense conflict, strives to illuminate the realities of the world around his characters—and thus hope to foster the process of peace and conflict resolution through entertainment, art and vision."

    "I laughed and cried…it touches the funny bone as well as the heart.”

    Layla is played by Persian American theatre-trained actress SHIVA ROSE McDermott. Shiva is married to TV & film star Dylan McDermott- they just named their newly born daughter, Charlotte Layla, in homage to Shiva's character Layla. Voted one of the ten best dressed women in LA, Shiva is a vintage fashion aficionado and an Amnesty International activist. She was once arrested demonstrating against war. Her film & TV credits include: DYSENCHANTED, WOMAN AT THE BEACH, and RED ROSES & PETROL.

    “A Relevant & Intelligent Romantic Comedy That Is Timely & Timeless!”

    David is played by DAVID MOSCOW who starred against JESSICA ALBA in "HONEY" (2004.) As a teenager, David Moscow played young TOM HANKS’ character in the film "BIG' (1988.) Since then, David has played diverse, key characters in dozens of Hollywood and acclaimed independent films.

    Original Score is by RICHARD HOROWITZ- credits include OLIVER STONE's "Any Given Sunday" and BERNARDO BERTOLUCCI's "The Sheltering Sky."

    Vocals are by Horowitz' partner, the New York-based Iranian Kurdish avant-guard, cross-cultural singer/composer/musician, SUSSAN DEYHIM.

    Film's published source music of some 20+ cues is a mélange of Jewish Klezmer featuring THE FLYING BULGAR KLEZMER BAND, and THE NEW ORLEANS KLEZMER ALLSTARS, and also a collection featuring world-renowned Iranian and Kurdish musicians and composers, the maverick KAYHAN KALHOR (who also plays with Yo Yo Ma), the master tanbur player/spiritual composer/singer ALI AKBAR MORADI (who recently played with Kayhan Kalhor at Carnegie Hall), and the exuberant & unique 'seven brothers and one sister' Iranian Kurdistan band, THE KAMKARS.

    Film info at:

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