List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2005-02-04

    SIP Presents Love, Intimacy, Relationships and Marriage By Dr. Nehzat Farnoody, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology & Dr. Niloofar Farnoody-Zahiri, Ph.D. Clinical and Developmental Psychology, Friday, Feb 4th, 2005, 7:00 PM, FAZ Restaurants, Sunnyvale, CA

    Bay Area - South Bay Friday - February 4, 2005     06:30 PM

    The Society of Iranian Professionals

    proudly presents an Educational, Self-Improving and
    Entertaining evening program and a one-day Seminar
    featuring panel presentations of prominent,
    distinguished and well-known psychologists

    Dr. Nehzat Farnoody, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology &
    Dr. Niloofar Farnoody-Zahiri, Ph.D. Clinical and
    Developmental Psychology On Love, Intimacy,
    Relationships and Marriage For Singles, Couples &
    In FARSI, some English if needed

    Our Universe Within as it Relates to Love and
    o What’s the Relationship between Brain and Falling in
    o How to create love?
    o How to make your marriage/relationships work?
    o Learn how to build fondness, admiration, and
    closeness in your relationships?
    o How to improve your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and
    become an effective emotional coach for your loved
    ones and your children?
    o How to master conflict resolution and improve
    communication skills between generations or cultures?

    o As your relationship improves, how can you make
    changes last?
    o How we can bridge between Eastern and Western
    approaches to Love & Intimacy?
    o How to decrease your risk of distress in romantic
    relationships as well as interpersonal relationships?


    Friday, Feb 4th, 2005, 7:00 PM
    SIP General Meeting: 6:30 PM
    Admission: $15, Members $10
    Refreshments Provided

    Saturday, Feb 5th, 2005, 10:00AM-5:00PM (1 hour break)
    Registration: 9:30AM based ont availability
    Admission: $45 ($10 off for attending both events)

    LOCATION: FAZ Restaurant Ballroom, 1108 N. Mathilda
    Ave., Sunnyvale – Tel. 408 752-8000
    Event Information: 408-605-5591 or visit

    Sussan Deyhim / Maya Beiser @ UCLA

    Los Angeles Friday - February 4, 2005     08:00 PM

    Sussan Deyhim / Maya Beiser
    Exclusive Double Bill!
    Sussan Deyhim Vocodeliks
    Maya Beiser World to Come

    “[Sussan Deyhim creates] thrilling music that sounds in the ear long after you’ve left the show.”
    — The New York Times

    “Maya, it seems to me, is doing for the cello what the Kronos Quartet did or the string quartet ... She’s saying, ‘This is a different way to go.’ ”
    — Steve Reich

    For more infromation visit
    UCLA Live Event

    Poetry Night at Kanoon Feb 4th

    Atlanta Friday - February 4, 2005     08:30 PM

    Poetry is a breeze for Persian souls.
    Please come and give warmth to Persian Poetry Night on
    Friday Feb 4th and Friday March 4th. It is an open
    floor with an open theme. Anyone is welcome to bring
    a poem and read it to others. This is a poetry forum
    only, no political/religious affiliation will be

    Feb 4th and March 4th
    Location: Persian Community Center (Kanoon Iranian)
    5920 Roswell Rd. Suite A-209
    Atlanta, GA 30328
    Admission is free.

    We want to share a piece of information about
    our new cultural activities under the new direction of
    the Kanoon Iranian.

    In fact, We are starting monthly persian poetry
    reading nights at kanoon Iranian in Sandy Springs.
    We'll get together every first friday of the month for
    about 2 Hours for poetry reading.
    This is a non-political, non-religious gathering of
    the persian poetry lovers, or people who would like to
    know more about it.
    The format is casual and everybody can either bring
    his/her favorite poem and recite it or simply listen
    and enjoy other people's recitals.
    Historical stories and anecdotes about the poets or
    their poems can only spice up the sessions.
    Singers and musicians are more than welcome to join us
    and share their talents with the audience.

    We would appreciate if you could pass on the
    information to your listed members.

    From: Mehron Haidari (
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